Margi has been a student of aromatic plant oils since her junior high school days when she visited the famous parfumer Coty's labs in New York City for an independent research project. Now she uses Young Living organic essential oils and other products in anointing and other wellness and healing techniques which she uses on clients as well as teaching about essential oils and the various techniques for using them to others.

Have the essential oils explained...

"Margi Haas introduced me to Young Living essential oils several years ago. Since then I have used them with great success in my own family; in addition to enjoying them myself, I have used them on my two young boys getting them to calm down, to focus when necessary and to sleep at night. I have also found them to be very beneficial, enhancing my acupuncture treatments in my own practice. I have referred interested patients with certain symptoms to Margi relying on her to explain the various oils and their details including ordering them. I also received a Raindrop Body treatment from Margi. I was impressed by the numerous benefits of receiving this treatment and Margi's ability to explain and deliver this treatment professionally and with care." Irene Grant, M.D.

The pneumonia was gone!

"Margaret does a lot of work with the healing power of essential oils. She knows quite a bit about them. Shortly after my sister died two years ago I developed pneumonia. Margaret worked with me and interestingly enough she worked on the acupressure points on my back right at the lung channel, and she put the essential oils on the points right there and she had me inhaling. Within 48 hours everything was gone. The pneumonia was gone!" Luanne Pennesi, RN and Executive Director of the Metropolitan Medical HealthCare & Wellness Group

For moms and babies too!

"Margaret Haas was very helpful in introducing me to the powers and applications of essential oils to expectant mothers, mothers in the actual delivery process, and in soothing and supporting new mothers and their babies." Michele Simons, Doula and Pediatric Consultant

Safe & Sacred

"I recently attended one of Margaret Haas's training classes for the raindrop therapy technique with Young Living Essential Oils. I also had the benefit of receiving the treatment from her. Margaret has a wonderful ability to create a safe and sacred space for this remarkable healing therapy to take place. Her hands-on technique combines a thorough knowledge of the oils, and the body's sensitivity to them, with an intuitive ability to respond to, and respect each individual's needs. I left the table aware a profound shift had taken place, greatly enhancing my sense of well-being." Maya Mary Hebert, Healer & Poet

Relieve stress...

"Margaret Haas is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met regarding the Essential Oils and their uses; she is like a walking oils PDR. She has been extremely helpful to me in doing applications on me for intermittent asthmatic episodes due to exposure to cat dander, for stress, and for substantially speeding my full recovery and healing from an excruciating and prolonged one-time episode of gout in my right ankle. I would likely have been incapacitated much longer if not for her knowledge, counseling, and application of the oils on me." Leslie Austin, Ph.D., Corporate Consultant

As a facilitator...

"Margaret Haas has been working with me for the past six months as a facilitator of the Raindrop Oils Therapy treatment. My experience as a client has been very positive, even on occasion 'transcendent.' She practices with a high intention and a technique that is focused, warm, very in tune with my needs and totally relaxing.
Because of my interest in the healing arts, I have also attended several of Margaret's classes in Raindrop Oils Therapy. Here Margaret's knowledge of the oils excels. She demonstrates an extensive knowledge of each oil's use and characteristics, including both those used in the Raindrop therapy as well as many others used to supplement it. She is very articulate and intuitive about how best to support client needs and how to select and apply the oils and shares this information in a generous, easy to follow, hands-on method.
I recommend Margaret as a facilitator and teacher for all who might be interested in working with her. The experience will surely be professional as well as personally rewarding and beneficial." Tabor Butler, Financial Advisor, Meditation Teacher & Healer

For further information, please Haas at 212-741-2457 in New York.